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  • Meet Harrison Sapp - She's So Gilty!

    Welcome our friend, Harrison Sapp of Atlanta, one of JEZEBEL Magazine’s 20 Most Eligible Atlantans, 2013.

    Not only is she cute but this babe knows her stuff!  Lifestyle blogger and fashion addict, Harrison Sapp, owner of Gilty As Charged, recently flaunted a cute feature on our Like The Wind Duster/Cover Up!  The versatile, show-stopping piece can be used as a duster or a swimsuit cover up.

    With 8300+ followers on Instagram, be sure to follow her latest posts & Insta stories to stay up-to-date with her style and more!

    Thanks, Harrison!  We look forward to seeing you decked in more DS soon! 

    Meet Harrison Sapp - Gilty as Charged

    Until Next Time, Bye Loves!  




    Posted by: by Kristina Frazier
  • Versatile Summer Style

    Kayla showing off versatile summer fashion.Yes! Summer will soon be here!

    What better way to kick off the hottest season than by having Kayla of To Life Love and Fashion show off our Tropical Beach Barbie set. She offers 3 great looks for versatile summer fashion - so nice!

    Be sure to bookmark her blog and stay up-to-date with her adventures!

    Thanks, Kayla.

    Channel your inner Barbie with the Tropical Beach Barbie Set.




                                Bring on the summer sunshine, Bye Loves!  





    Posted by: by Kristina Frazier
  • What's Trending for Spring/Summer 2017

    With all of the warm weather and things starting to bloom, who's ready for Spring!?  I know I am!  I'm totally obsessing over the upcoming hot new fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2017.  Check out these links on New York Fashion Week's Top Fashion Trends for SS 2017! 

    First, let's talk about how fashion forward a light weight TRENCH is!  A trench coat is a super posh piece that can be worn all seasons.  As you have already guessed the basic trench is swarming amongst all.  Celebs & models such as Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington Whitely to name a few, are werking this trend!   

    Trench coats are a new fashion trend for Spring.

    Second, NUDES... no silly, not that kind of nude, get your mind out of the gutter!  Nudes, as in hues of neutrals, blushes & khakis are ever so trending for SS 2017.  I absolutely love this trend however, I better get to work on my spray tan before sporting these shades.   

    Nudes will be featured for the 2017 spring season.
    Another hot trend and one of my personal favs, are Florals! This eye catching trend will have you looking like a lovely ray of sunshine on a warm spring day! Nothing says fabulous spring cheer like a flattering floral print maxi dress! 


    New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 Guide


    Lastly, STRIPES!  What better way to make a stylish statement this SS 2017 than to wear a stripe pattern.  I'm absolutely loving the stripe trend and you bess believe you will definitely see stripes in District South's SS 2017 collections! 

    Top 2017 fashion trends will feature stripes, too.

    See all the new arrivals!


    Anxiously awaiting Spring, Bye Loves!  



    Posted by: by Kristina Frazier
  • Wishing You a Happy New Year ...


    Jezebel's 20th Anniversary party was a huge success!  You can see all the fun starting on page 28 of the December issue!

    Jezebel December 2016

    And if you're still shopping and heading out for New Years Eve, District South features some head turning looks for the holiday season as seen on page 90 and page 95 of this month's issue.

    Send the best holiday gifts from District South!

    Want to see all of the latest?  Check out what's new at District South as well as the huge After Christmas Sale going on.  Now just a heads up Darlin', if you see something that you love in your size, you bess buy it, chances are it will sell out.  And... let's be honest nothing haunts use like the cute things we didn't buy. 

    Until next time, Happy New Year Loves! 



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  • Jezebel Celebrating 20 Years !

    The Holidays are approaching and District South has what you need to look fab all season long!

    Jezebel 20th Anniversary Cover
    November is here and Jezebel magazine is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, trust me… this is one issue you don’t want to miss!!

    Check out Jezebel’s stylish Naughty & Nice List picks (pages 160-161)


    Posted by: by Kristina Frazier