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  • Country Girl, Citay World

    Hey Y'all, 
     The face behind District South?  Some have wondered, who's this girl running the show?  Weyull it's me, little ole Kristina Frazier aka Piglet...and it's kind of weird to sit and write about myself so I'm just going to be me and hopefully that comes across in my blog.  
     A southern gal, next door, who grew up in a small town in Alabama, way out in the middle of the country, where well water ran, that would be me!   You know, it's that kind of place where they say "Bless your heart" and a freak out moment is called "pitching a hissy fit".  Don't get me wrong, I'm no hillbilly, I have been taught well and raised up right, Jesus and family first.  As long as I could remember, I've always had that desire to express myself through the clothing I wore.  I eventually grew up, and moved on to get a higher education at The University of Alabama.  There, I pursed my passion and earned dual degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Business Marketing.
    Fast forward 15 years, I now live in the city of Atlanta, GA. Fortunate to have married my real life prince charming, I am now living out my dream of owning my own online boutique.  I decided on the name District South, which represents who I am and where I came from.  District South represents sophisticated southern style, with sass.  We offer a variety of trendy young contemporary clothing & women's fashion that will suit the fancy of any woman. 
    Those that know me would describe me as a lover of Fashion, Fitness and Football, ROLL TIDE y’all!  And if fitness involves discovering new styles, and uploading the latest great idea to my Instagram, all while sweating out the calories as the miles pile up on the stair stepper, then you’ve got yourself a business owner.  Hey, if you wanna look fab, and have fun doing it, it’s a must…plus it always comes in handy for that occasional skinny margarita or glass of wine after a long day, a gal’s gotta celebrate the hard earned small victories!  I’m soooo excited to share this journey with all of you, and I look forward to bringing you the show-stopping fashions that will keep the other women on their toes and looking to you for the next “must have” item!
    Brown eyes & Button nose  
    I always wore dresses and accessories as a little girl...not much has changed since! ha
    Annual Christmas Shopping in NYC...what I do best!  
    Ted Turner's Captain Planet Foundation Gala
    Staying active and keeping it all in shape
    Sunnies selfie! (click image to shop dainty necklaces like this) 
    The little guy, that has me wrapped around his fury paw
    Poolside rooftop party in the city
    Hanging with my favorite Fashion Blogger, Courtney Kerr and my good friend, owner of Bourbon & Boweties, Carley Ochs.
    Behind the scenes with Anderson Smith Photography
    My happy place, Seaside, Florida...of course!
    Until next time, bye Loves!